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The Idea
This idea came about by a twist of fate, an opportunity seized, followed by an overactive mind to create and make the unusual. After a lifetime of working, a wife and mother and now a grandmother with the next faze being in retirement. The thought of being on a pension brought horrors to my mind. Having been a fashion designer most of my life and managing various other businesses, helped bring about the concept and utilise the convenience of the internet and websites. My sewing room became my woodwork room, machinery on top of sewing machines, sawdust and fabric blending did not go at all well, not the partnership need in a crowded room. Every spare moment I had in between being a city councillor, housewife and landscape gardener, plus part time farmer was used making and remaking samples. After two years now good enough to go into production, and my ‘babies’ were born along with my grandchildren. These heirlooms made with love and thought can now be shared, as the saying goes ‘do good and good comes to you’. It did for me.


Sylvia Taylor




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